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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ip Man Wing Chun events Demonstration Team

Ip Man Wing Chun Penang demonstration team

For demonstration, performance for events and showcase etc, please contact us at
016-4829218 available in Wechat, Line and Whatsapp

Demonstration Team performs for schools, festive events, sporting events, opening ceremony, product launching events and other events . 

The demonstrations include the Wooden Dummy form ( made famous by the Ip Man movie

 - we will bring the wooden dummy for the event ) , Wing Chun forms, 

Chi sao - which a simultaneously attacks and defends drill, self defence demo 

and weapons etc. Performances usually last around 15 minutes, but can last from 5 to 40 minutes or more, depending on your event.

Check out our martial arts demonstrations on our Youtube link below, 

or contact us for more details.

Performance Requests:

For more information on having the Ip Man Wing Chun Penang Demo Team perform for 

your next event, please call 016-4829218
                          email :

available in WeChat, Line and WhatsApp

WeChat ID : IpManWingChunPenang

Line ID : ipmanwingchunpenang

WhatsApp : Aaron Boey K Hg

Ip Man Wing Chun Penang 檳城葉問詠春拳法學會