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Sifu Aaron Boey K Hg

Master Instructor

Sifu Aaron Boey K Hg 
梅展松 師傅
長  Principal / Chairman
Ip Man Wing Chun Penang 檳城葉問詠春拳法學會

    • Member of Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association 詠春葉正體育會
    • Member of Ving Tsun Athletic Association 詠春體育會 ( Hong Kong ) 
    • Registered Certified Instructor of Ving Tsun Athletic Association from Sifu Ip Ching

    • 詠春葉正體育會會員
    • 詠春體育會會員
    • 詠春體育會認證教練 , 師承葉正師傅

    • Awarded and recognized as Master- Ip Man Wing Chun by Black Dragon Fighting Society

    •  猴拳 Monkey Style Kungfu(大聖門) 
    • Senior Instructor · Dec 1996 to Dec 1999 Top Instructor Award 
    • 1998,Survival and Fitness 98 ( Class 1 Hons.) Teaching and training full time
    • Taekwondo  · June 1993 to Feb 1998  

      Ip Man Wing Chun Penang was established to spread the art of Ip Man Wing Chun in Penang Malaysia. Sifu Aaron Boey has been training in martial arts as a full-time martial arts practitioner for 23 years since 1993, starting with Taekwondo, as Sifu Aaron Boey's interest in martial arts is strong, he usually goes to different Taekwondo centres in a week so he can train everyday, and since 1996 he pursue his martial arts by training full time in Monkey Style Kungfu and became instructor there teaching in the centre and also teaching in few schools such as Methodist Girl School, Convent Pulau Tikus, Convent Light Street besides assisting his Taekwondo Master in the class in St.Xavier's Institution. He believe that strong foundation in basics is very important to get more grips in advance level, hence teaching every techniques in fine details. 





    Ip Man Wing Chun Penang 檳城葉問詠春拳法學會

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